Our Approach

Before we offer stone recommendations for your project, we get familiar with your ideas, needs, budget and timeline. Delivering on your big-picture vision while managing all the necessary details.


Our Space

We created the MASONMADE design studio so our clients can interact with the products. Examine textures, blend colors, compare finishes and leave knowing exactly how your stone project is going to come together.


Our Clients

We partner with nationally acclaimed architects and incredibly talented builders, masons and landscapers. We also have the pleasure of working directly with local designers and home owners. If you need stone, we’d love to work with you.


Our Partners

We work with more than 25 trusted quarries and fabricators across eight different countries, with unlimited options for natural stone. Our suppliers are people we have come to know personally over years of partnership, and we are proud to call them our colleagues and our friends.





Lisa has spent the past decade providing strategic marketing direction for brands including Gatorade, Sprint and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Through her experience in advertising Lisa has maintained client accounts at multibillion-dollar corporations, non-profit organizations, and everything in-between.

She has been cultivating teams of people, facilitating timelines and managing budgets for more than 13 years. As co-founder of MASONMADE she has introduced a higher level of service and accountability to the material supply community. Lisa and Steele’s partnership is a unique fusion of product expertise and service acumen.

Whether she’s collaborating on a brand campaign or a design for a stone patio, her clients value Lisa’s genuine responsiveness, attention to detail and roll-up-your-sleeves attitude.


Steele is a self-proclaimed stone geek. His passion for natural stone and extensive product knowledge are the driving forces behind MASONMADE Stone Design + Supply. Steele has worked on all sides of the natural stone industry from installation, to quarrying and fabrication, to distribution.

With more than 20 years of masonry experience Steele has collaborated on a broad array of projects including commercial developments like the Apple Corporate Headquarters in Cupertino, architectural environments like Citygarden in St. Louis, and custom residential projects in Aspen, Vancouver, Dubai, San Francisco, Malibu, Clayton and Ladue.

He has become nationally regarded as a leader in the natural stone industry, and has developed an expansive network of architects, builders and masons who continue to rely on his expert product knowledge, unyielding resourcefulness and steadfast partnership.